Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions are answered here, however if you find there is something you wish to know that is not, please contact King Island Airlines.

No, unless there has been a change in your original booking, there is no need to confirm. If a change has been made, confirmation at least a day prior to departure would be appreciated.

Every effort will be made to notify passengers as soon as possible should any delays be encountered.

Whilst delay and cancellation is rare, should a flight need to be cancelled due weather passengers will be re-scheduled on another flight and advised accordingly.


Flight time is approximately 45 minutes. One hour should be allowed – door to door.

Generally yes and every effort will be made to carry your pets on the same flight, however space limitations apply. See the Schedules and Fares page.

Not quite but generally arrangements can be made to ensure that “memorable meal” is enjoyed! It pays to book to avoid disappointment

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