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King Island Airlines supports travel agents in offering many services to their clients who wish to visit King Island and enjoy the splendour that the Island has to offer.

We are keen to supply travel and holiday services to your customers and will be pleased to provide all the help you need to present these services in the best possible way.

How to sell King Island and King Island Airlines

King Island Airlines’ regular 12 trips per week between Moorabbin and King Island offer a reliable and timely service to a wonderful holiday destination less than an hour from Melbourne. This is ideal for a weekend away at an idyllic destination, free from the busy city life for that perfect break.

Our office can organise the most suitable accommodation and make any other appropriate arrangements for your clients. We will be pleased to recommend suitable operators to facilitate a visit tailored to the specific needs of your clients.

We can make arrangements on your behalf utilising the extensive knowledge accumulated over many years of specializing in servicing King Island. This service will be at no charge to you with all normal commissions being payable for your introductions.

Trade prices for airfares

Please contact our call centre on 03 9580 3777 for further details.

See the Islands events and check out the Web Links

There are many events scheduled throughout the year by both the Tasmanian Government and the organisations and residents of King Island. Tell your customers about these and find out more by looking at other places on the web to see more about this wonderful place.

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